Conservation Camp Activities

Here are some additional resources and activities for participants in PEEC’s Conservation Camp!

Day 1:

Day 2:

  • Most plants take up water from the soil with their roots, and release water to the atmosphere via transpiration from their leaves. Transpiration is kind of like breathing for plants. About 10% of the humidity in the air comes from plants. You don’t normally see this happening, just like you don’t see the water vapor coming from your own breath. But you can see it if you tie a clear plastic bag around the leaves of a plant and leave it for an hour or two. Try it and see what happens! Which plants in your yard transpire the most? Find instructions for this activity here.
  • Channel the water around your house into something fun by making a rain chain from materials lying around in your recycle bin! Hang it from a place like your roof, a tree, or a bush, where you can capture run-off. Learn how to make a rain chain here!
  • Watch this video on the sewage treatment process.

Day 3:

Day 4:

  • Food has energy too!  Make a battery from a potato or a lemon and turn the energy into electricity. Find out how here! If you have several potatoes you may be able to light up the LED from the wind experiment!
  • Collect sticks, leaves, rocks outside. Arrange them however you would like to make art. Take a picture and share it with the class. Look up “nature mandala” for some ideas. Or create something unique to you! Here are some ideas to get started with!

Day 5

  • Try heating up water using solar energy by following these instructions!
  • Try different designs for solar ovens: in addition to the box oven we made, you can try a parabolic oven or a simple cone oven. Get ideas here.