Los Alamos Children’s Dentistry Sponsors PEEC Through 1% for the Planet

PEEC’s Director of Interpretation Jonathan Creel thanks Dr. Bill Nichols of Los Alamos Children’s Dentistry for sponsoring PEEC through 1% for the Planet.

Los Alamos Children’s Dentistry (LACD) recently sponsored PEEC through the 1% for the Planet program as a part of the business’s commitment to environmental sustainability. 1% for the Planet is an international organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes.

“Part of our mission at LACD is to create a healthier planet by minimizing our environmental impact. LACD aims to accomplish this mission by recycling toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, sharps, gloves, and coffee pods through partnerships with TerraCycle,” Dr. Bill Nichols said.

LACD also replaced plastic “goody bags” in their office with recyclable, reusable water bottles and utilizes an entirely paperless patient management system. Additionally, LACD has a partnership with CarbonFund to be a carbon neutral business. They joined 1% for the Planet in quarter four of 2019 and are the first business member of the organization in Los Alamos, according to Nichols.

“LACD is excited to sponsor PEEC as our chosen non-profit through 1% for the Planet. At LACD, we love to support the education of children in our community and we are excited to help support a non-profit organization that connects children to nature and teaches children about the importance of protecting our environment,” Nichols said.

PEEC is honored to be a part of LACD’s plan for environmental sustainability through this sponsorship.

“We believe that raising the next generation of environmental stewards is one of the most valuable steps we can take to protect the future of our planet. LACD is an important partner in this work, along with our many other donors, members and sponsors,” PEEC’s Executive Director Katherine Bruell said. “Thanks to them, lots of children will be getting up close with nature and connecting with the plants, animals, rocks, and stars in their schoolyards and beyond. Thank you to LACD for being a leader in environmental sustainability in our community!”

You can join in this work by making an end-of-year gift to PEEC at peecnature.org/donate.

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