PEEC’s Trail Map for the Future

We did it!

PEEC is finally operating a full-fledged nature center. In fact, we spent the last year growing into the new space and potential of the Los Alamos Nature Center, but we aren’t done yet.

In addition to expanding our programs and services, our Board and staff put together a strategic plan for the next four years. It is now available in an eye-catching format that displays some of our favorite photos as well as a clear path forward.

PEEC’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan (1Mb)

How did we decide on the goals, objectives, and action steps listed in the plan? Interviews, Board and staff retreat, and discussion during PEECnic. Over 40 personal interviews were conducted over the past year.

Who was interviewed? Community partners, volunteers, educators, donors, PEEC staff, and PEEC Board members.

Over the next four years, we will report and celebrate our progress.


The photo of the Los Alamos Nature Center is courtesy of Stephen Shankland.