Summer Camps

The Nature Odyssey Outdoor Adventure Program, Living Earth Adventure Program (LEAP), and Backpacking Adventure for Teens (BAT) are unique opportunities for young people to learn in nature’s classroom with talented and enthusiastic environmental educators. With classrooms ranging from the riverbeds and canyons of the Rio Grande Valley to the headwaters of the Jemez River on the Valles Caldera National Preserve, these programs are a wonderful way to explore the diverse ecosystems and cultures of Northern New Mexico. If you have any questions about these camps, please email the program coordinator at or call (505) 662-0460.

2016 Schedule

PEEC campers explore the Valles Caldera

Pebble Pups: Future Rockhounds of America

Tuesdays from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.
June 7 to August 2
Ages 5 to 9

Join the Pebble Pups club this summer to start your journey learning about rocks, fossils, and local geology with active games and activities!

This 8-week geology program is perfect for ages 5-9 and includes 3 Saturday field trips that correlate with earth science topics covered at club meetings. Field trips are open to the whole family as well as the public. Accomplishments at the Tuesday meeting will help club members work towards meeting the requirements for Future Rockhounds of America Badges that can be worn to show club and personal achievement. 

Patrick Rowe, of the Los Alamos Geological Society, along with experienced Pajarito Environmental Center Educator Kate Cleveland will lead the Pebble Pubs program.

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PEEC campers explore the Valles Caldera

Nature Odyssey: Super Sleuths in the Jemez Mountains

June 6-10
Grades 4-6

Explore the mountains, rivers, and valleys of the Jemez Mountains!

How do you find your way in the mountains? In this camp, you will become a nature detective, and hone all your senses as you travel through nature. You and your group will be on the case in the beautiful Jemez Mountains, investigating its diverse habitats, fishing, wayfinding, mapping, tracking, and exploring.

Nature Odyssey will be led by environmental educators Siobhan Niklasson and Sandra West.

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Living Earth Adventure Program: From the Rio Grande to the Jemez Mountains

June 6-10
Grades 7-8

THE thing to do this summer for students entering grades 7 and 8!

This summer we will let our curiosity be our guide as we explore the diverse ecosystems of the Pajarito Plateau and surrounding areas. During our weeklong adventure, we will make new friends while exploring the archeology, geology, ecology, and wildlife from the Rio Grande Valley to the Jemez Mountains and beyond! We will also learn about some of the numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation and discuss our responsibility to protect our environment, as well as its inhabitants.

We plan to go hiking, caving, and more. We will even camp out one night! During the overnight, we will play outdoor games, look at the stars, cook, work together to set up camp, and get to know each other as only can happen in the outdoors. Our journey will culminate with an exciting rafting trip through spectacular rock formations and canyons. Join us during this exciting week as we explore the beautiful wilderness we call home!

LEAP will be taught by environmental educators Tony Hinojosa and Beth Cortright.

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PEEC campers explore the Rio Grande

Nature Odyssey: Wet ‘n Wild Along the Rio Grande

June 13-17
Grades 4-6

Explore geology, wildlife, archeology, and paleontology in the Rio Grande Valley!

Not many kids are lucky enough to grow up with a major river almost in their backyard! In this camp, you will get to explore all things wet, wild, and wonderful as you travel each day to a new location in the Rio Grande Valley.

Nature Odyssey will be led by environmental educators Siobhan Niklasson and Sandra West.

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Teens go backpacking with PEEC

Backpacking Adventure for Teens (BAT)

June 20-24
Grades 9-12

Are you a high school student looking to get away from it all this summer? Well, PEEC has the adventure you’ve been waiting for! Again this year, PEEC is offering a Backpacking Adventure for Teens (BAT) program, just for high school students. First, the group will spend 2 days preparing for the big trip, learning about the necessary equipment, basic backpacking skills, and wilderness safety and etiquette. The latter part of the week will find us in the backcountry for a 3-day, 2-night excursion. Participants should be in good physical condition and able to hike up to 7 miles per day, on average, with a heavy backpack at high altitudes.

The location of the trip is dependent on weather and trail conditions and will be determined nearer to the program dates. Transportation to and from the trailhead will be provided. Essential backpacking gear, such as tents, sleeping bags, stoves, and backpacks will be coordinated at a program orientation. If needed, PEEC is able to provide equipment.

BAT will be led by environmental educators Tony Hinojosa and Beth Cortright.

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