Backyard Pollinator Garden Project

We are very excited to be able to offer this program to residents of Los Alamos and White Rock, starting in September 2024. Thanks to a generous grant from the Carroll Petrie Foundation, we will be giving away 60 pollinator plant packages. We have 3 different levels of gardening expertise and/or size of garden.

The Conservationist package will be for those gardeners who have a bit more land and experience, and who will be willing to collect and donate seed from these plants to the Los Alamos and White Rock Seed Libraries. This package will have a few trees, cactus and shrubs and some perennials.

The Garden Enthusiast package will be for those gardeners who love to garden, have a moderate amount of space and would like to incorporate a few shrubs and some perennials into their landscapes.

The Curious Gardener package will be for gardeners who are just starting out and/or have limited space. This package will consist of primarily perennials that take up less space and can be planted in pots and containers.

Stay tuned as we put our plant lists together for this great project. We will be accepting applications in July. In August we will hold an informational session about the plants in each package and how to care for them, as well as what pollinators you could expect to see visiting your plants next Spring and Summer. In early September we will be distributing the plants.

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