Guided Group Program

We recommend planning on a two-hour visit to the Los Alamos Nature Center. Your student group visit includes the following activities:

  • (5 min) Welcome
  • (25 min) Planetarium show: Watch a film on our dome theater about the science of astronomy.
  • (20 min) Guided exploration of exhibits: Learn about our varied landscapes and the life they support. 
  • (10 min) Snack/bathroom break. Please bring a snack to enjoy. 
  • (40 min) Educator-led nature hike: Learn to identify trees of our region, look for signs of wildlife, and discover secrets of the ponderosa pine forest ecosystem.
  • (20 min, or more as your schedule allows) Student-directed exploration in our outdoor nature play area: Play allows children to develop first-hand background knowledge of the natural world essential for today’s science education. Students also practice teamwork and problem solving in a rich natural environment. This is also the time for groups of students to visit the gift shop, if desired.

Before or after your program, you are welcome to use our picnic area and/or allow your students additional time in our nature play area.

A two-hour educator-led program is $90 for up to 25 participants and $150 for up to 50 participants. Please let us know if you plan to take advantage of these spaces.


Schedule a Group Program

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