Los Alamos Community Wildlife Habitat

Los Alamos is a NWF Certified Community Wildlife Habitat! This means that our community is a place where people understand the habitat needs of native wildlife and intentionally provide for their needs through environmentally friendly gardening practices and community service.

Residents are improving their gardening practices by using the National Wildlife Federation’s guidelines for providing wildlife with food, shelter, water, and places to raise young. Not only are these residents recreating habitats that help wildlife survive, but they are also enjoying a garden that is truly alive with the comings and goings of hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, chipmunks and lizards.

We invite you to join the effort and add to our community’s growing list of homes, schools, businesses, places of worships and parks. Please go to the NWF’s web page to register your property by filling out a simple checklist.

Altherr Certified Garden
Certified Habitat: Native plantings provide cover and food. Photo: Michele Altherr.

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Local Resources

  • Talk to someone on our Community Wildlife Habitat Team: Selvi Viswanathan, Michele Altherr, Hedy Dunn, or Hari Viswanathan. You can use PEEC’s contact form to get in touch.
  • Visit one of Los Alamos’s certified public gardens located at PEEC, the downtown Demonstration Garden, or the Unitarian Church.

Other Resources

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