Compare Crow and Raven

American Crow

Scientific name: Corvus brachyrhynchos
Featured Critter

Common Raven

Scientific name: Corvus corax
Featured Critter

Bob Walker

Length: 17.5 in
Wingspan: 36 in
Weight: 20 oz

Mouser Williams

Length: 25 in
Wingspan: 47 in
Weight: 40 oz

californiagrey (CC BY-NC)

Throat feathers: Smooth
Neck: Shorter
Eyes: Black
Bill: Slightly thinner and straighter
Bill length: 1.7 in

Jim Jenkins (CC BY-NC-ND)

Throat feathers: Shaggy
Neck: Longer
Eyes: Brown
Bill: Thicker and more curved
Bill length: 2.9 in

Joe Bartok (CC BY-NC)

Tail feathers: All the same length
Tail shape: Straight or fan-shaped
Wings: Shorter
Wing tips: Blunter and closer together

Edward Rooks (CC BY-NC)

Tail feathers: Middle ones longer
Tail shape: Wedge-shaped
Wings: Longer
Wing tips: Pointed and more slayed out

American Crow

Range: US/Canada; some migration
Addition world range: None
Habitat: More often in urban/suburban areas

Common Raven

Range: Most of North America, no migration
Additional world range: Europe and Asia
Habitat: More often in wild areas

Flight: Flaps wings constantly

Flying: Soars and glides, may preform somersaults

American Crow

Jason Headley (CC BY-NC)

Social behavior: Join in large flocks

Common Raven

Patricia Teague (CC BY-NC)

Social behavior: Solitary or in pairs

Call: Softer (caw-caw)

Call: Harsher (grooonk)

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