Northern Flicker

Scientific Name: Colaptes auratus

Type: Bird

Family: Picidae (Woodpeckers)

Size: 11 – 14 inches long; 17 – 21-inch wingspan

Weight: 3.0 – 5.9 ounces

Life Span: up to 9 years

Western Subspecies

Eastern Subspecies

Red-shafted Male

Doug Grnibergs (CC BY-NC)

Red-shafted Female

Carrie Ekeroth (CC BY-NC)

Yellow-shafted Male

Sarah Towne (CC-BY-NC)

Yellow-shafted Female

vtjohn (CC-BY-NC)

Having a Drink

Mouser Williams


J. Job/NPS

Rattle Call

J. Job/NPS


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