Scientific name:
Neotoma cinerea (Bushy-tailed)
Neotoma mexicana (Mexican)
Neotoma albigula (White-throated)

Alternative name: Packrat

Type: Mammal

Family: Cricetidae (New World Rats and Mice, Voles, Hamsters, and Relatives)

Size: 11 to 16 inches, including the tail

Weight: 10 to 16 ounces

Life Span: approximately 3 years

Bushy-tailed – NPS

As the name of these woodrats implies, they can be identified by their long bushy tails.

Mexican – Juan Cruzado Cortés (CC BY-SA)

These woodrats tend to be mostly brown with buff-colored underparts and gray throat.

White-throated – Patrick Cicero (CC BY-NC)

The distinctive feature of these woodrats is not only their throat is white but so is their entire underside and feet.

Bushy-tailed Woodrat

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