Los Alamos Area Trail Map


LA County
DOE place names
US Forest Service
PEEC Passport 1
PEEC Passport 2
PEEC Passport 3
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Trail data courtesy of Los Alamos county, USFS, and LANL Trails page.

Download the data files for offline use:
PEEC Passport posts (GPX, 4Kb) (KML, 8KB)
PEEC Passport 2 posts (GPX, 4Kb) (KML, 8Kb)
PEEC Passport 3 posts (GPX, 4Kb) (KML, 6Kb)
Los Alamos County trails (GPX, 4Kb) (KML, 8Kb)
US Forest Service trails (GPX, 1.8Mb) (KML, 1.1Mb)
LANL Trails (GPX, 1.1Mb) (KML, 612Kb)
LANL Place Names (GPX, 12Kb) (KML, 120Kb)