What Kind of Future Do You Want to See?

Do you envision people out on our trails, finding the perfect rock, identifying their favorite bird, or photographing that rare wildflower?

Do you want schoolchildren still to be learning outside, doing what “real scientists” do as they collect and analyze data (and build a fort or two)?

Do you hope for a future where people care about nature, and value and protect it?

You’ve been working alongside PEEC for years to make this vision come true today. But what will happen in the future? You can make sure that we continue to raise champions for nature by leaving a planned gift to PEEC in your estate. Your legacy gift will get kids outside for generations to come. 

How can I protect nature for future generations?

Planned giving sounds complicated, but is actually a simple way to make sure the work you’ve supported during your lifetime will continue. Your accountant or financial planner can help you work out the details. And please let us know when you’ve made a gift so we can add you to our PEEC Legacy Society.

What do you want to be remembered for?

If nature is in your heart, please consider putting nature in your will with an enduring gift to PEEC.

Frequently Asked Questions

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