Pueblo Rim Loop

TITLE:  Pueblo Rim Loop

OVERVIEW: A scenic loop exploring the trails near the Los Alamos Nature Center


DISTANCE: 1.3 miles round-trip


SEASONS: spring, summer, fall

FEATURES: historic trail, shady forest, views of Pueblo Canyon. 

GUIDE: Start at the nature center and walk past the gardens and the nature play area. A signpost points to the trail, which swings along the east side of the aquatic center. Watch for a sign pointing to the Ranch School Trail. Turn a sharp right and descend rock and log stairs. At the next trail junction, turn right and swing through a small drainage. Continue along a rock bench, staying right where the Acid Canyon Trail heads left. In about 100 feet, the Pueblo Canyon Rim Trail angles to the right, up a steep rock ramp. On top of the ramp, the trail is easy to follow as it winds through scattered ponderosa pine on a wide bench. The trail stays to the right of an old fence-line. Cross a dirt road and pick up the trail on the other side. Soon the trail angles to the right and winds through a small canyon filled with huge, old trees. On the east side of the canyon, the trail come to the edge of Pueblo Canyon and in a few yards, take an un-named trail to the right, away from the canyon rim. Climb a few rock stairs and cross a pipeline cut before approaching Canyon Road. Just below the road, take the trail to the right. Climb under or around a huge elm tree, contour around the mesa top, and continue on the trail heading west. There’s a fence to the left, and a couple of boulder ramps where young children might need some assistance. When you reach a dirt road that passes through an opening in the fence, continue forward with the fence on your right, Jewish Center on your left, past the playground until you see the Los Alamos Nature Center ahead.

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