Where Are the Passport II Posts?

If you would like hints to help you find the Passport to the Pajarito Plateau Part II rubbing plates, then you are in the right place.


Hints by Trail:

Canyon de Valle: About halfway out to the Valles Caldera boundary fence, on a large burned tree. The rubbing plate is currently missing, but look for a “Passport to the Pajarito Plateau” sign.

Cañada Bonita: On the ski trail kiosk near trailhead.

Falls Trail: Look for post 16, which is near the upper falls overlook.

Graduation Canyon: The rubbing plate is at the point/overlook.

Kwage Mesa Loop: This rubbing plate is currently missing. It was on the return section of trail, at the trail junction toward the east end of the trail along the south rim.

Los Alamos Reservoir: At the foot of the slope on the north side of the dam.

Mitchell Loop: On the signpost that points to the left toward the Mitchell Trail. This signpost is located about a quarter mile from the start of the trail.

Pueblo Canyon Overlook: Where the Zipline Trail takes off into the canyon.

Pueblo Rim Loop: Where the new trail angles right (the old steep switchback trail continues straight), about 100 ft past the road that comes down from the Jewish Center.

Red Dot Trail: On a spur off the main Red Dot trail, on a signpost for the River Trail, about 200 feet from the Rio Grande.

South Mountain: On a signpost located near the junction of VC02 and the logging road trail that goes up the mountain.

Tsankawi Loop: This rubbing plate is on a signpost that says “loop trail” and has an arrow pointing to the left.

Tyuonyi Overlook: On the “Don’t Throw Rocks” sign at the actual overlook, at the end of the trail.

Upper Crossing Trail: Look on the top of a wilderness sign located just before the trail drops down into Frijoles Canyon.

Valle Grande Trail: On one-mile post, almost to the end of the trail. Leashed dogs are allowed on this trail.

Walnut Canyon Rim: On south side of the golf course at the intersection with the utility road that comes up out of the canyon.

Water Canyon: Look on the trail signpost in the meadow.

Do these tips help? Email us your feedback and suggestions of other helpful post-finding tips.

Photo courtesy of Chantielle.

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