Where Are the Passport III Posts?

If you would like hints to help you find the Passport to the Pajarito Plateau Part III rubbing plates, look no further!

Hints by Trail:

Alamo Boundary: On the trailhead signpost.

Alcove House: On the back of the big sign at the bottom of the ladders leading up to Alcove House.

Camp Hamilton Trail: Near where the trail crosses the road in the bottom of the canyon.

Cerro Grande: On a cut tree along the switchbacks just above the big meadow pass.

Frey Trail: Second bench up from the bottom of the canyon, about halfway up the switchbacks.

Kinnikinnik Park: On the longest bridge in Kinnikinnik Park (the flat area between the Aquatic Center and Acid Canyon). The bridge is L-shaped.

Knife Edge Trail: On the trailhead kiosk.

Las Conchas Trail: Signpost just before where the river enters a narrow canyon. Where the trail turns uphill onto switchbacks that lead toward the East Fork trailhead.

Lower Pajarito Canyon: Signpost at a trail intersection about half way between Kimberly Lane cul-du-sac and Sherwood Boulevard.

Neblina Trail: Signpost at the intersection of the Neblina and Rendija Canyons, just north of Guaje Pines Cemetery.

Pajarito Mountain: “BRUCE’S BLVD” kiosk with ski area map at the top of Aspen Lift.

Perimeter Trail: Signpost at the intersection of Perimeter Trail and the “Quemazon Access Trail” that comes from 48th Street off of Urban Street. Just north of Pipeline Road, between Pipeline Road and the Mitchell trailhead.

River Trail: Signpost between the Blue Dot and Red Dot Trails, closer to the Red Dot.

Upper Pajarito Canyon: Log on the ground just before the switchbacks up to the intersection of Pajarito Canyon and Nail Trail.

Valle de los Posos Overlook: Signpost at the intersection of Guaje Canyon Trail and Pipeline Road. When you’re standing at the overlook, looking down into the valley the signpost is behind you.

Valle Grande Pond: Log on the ground near sign number 8 (closest numbered sign to the big pond).

If you need help finding the trailheads in Passport III, check out our guide!

Photo by Heather Marancenbaum.

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