Classroom Visits

Pajarito Plateau Field Science | Grades K – 3

Engage students in active scientific practices while using your own schoolyard as a natural classroom. Our educators will visit your classroom for a series of three one-hour lessons designed to link with field trips to the Los Alamos Nature Center. Kindergarten classes focus on senses, shapes, and patterns. First graders learn about animal life cycles. Second graders explore rocks and soil and third graders dive into weather, climate, and adaptations.

Pajarito Plateau Field Science | Grades 4 – 6

Students explore scientific topics in the local area with hiking-based excursions to natural areas around your school on 1.5 to 3 hour hikes, depending on the area and time available. Fourth graders explore geology, fifth graders look at ecosystems, and sixth graders are introduced to forests and fire.

DPU Lessons | Grades 3 – 8

Students in grades third to sixth grade engage in science and engineering challenges related to water and energy use and conservation in Los Alamos County. These visits include a one-hour water lesson and a one-hour energy lesson for each grade. Seventh graders get two to four day lessons on the carbon and water cycles and eighth grade students get a four day lesson on energy transformations. This lesson is only available to students in Los Alamos County.

Book Your Visit

Contact our Education Programs Director to book your in-classroom PEEC program! Please indicate what visit you are interested in and three possible dates that would work for your class.

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