Vertical Mile Society

PEEC has established a fund dedicated to the future of the Los Alamos Nature Center. Generous private donors made the nature center exhibits possible. Now, we want to ensure that these exhibits continue to delight and educate our visitors for years to come.

“A Vertical Mile of Diversity” is one of our most popular exhibits. It shows plants and animals that have adapted to each of the life zones on the Pajarito Plateau. Just as they adapt to a changing environment, so must a sustainable organization.

Current Members

Skies $10,000 and above

Larry Deaven
Linda Doolen
Friends of Dorothy Hoard
Chick & Yvonne Keller
Ruth Lier
Robin & Richard McLean
Jane Sherwood
Laurie Walker
Robert Walker
Sue & Wally Watts

Mountains $5,000 – $9999

Mesas $3,000- $4999

Karen & Patrick Conner
Richard Wallace & Carolyn Mills

Canyons $1000 – $2,999

Nancy & Paul Arendt
Gary & Marilyn Doolen
Tim & Carol Neal
Ann Shafer
Rebecca & Tom Shankland

The vertical mile exhibit.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Vertical Mile Society

What restrictions are there on how the money can be used? The donor-restricted Vertical Mile Society funds may only be used to maintain, update, replace, and repair indoor and outdoor exhibits, as well as to design and build new exhibits.

Is this an endowment fund? No, it’s a restricted fund. Endowment funds preserve the principal and spend the interest. Because interest rates are so low, this kind of fund does not make sense at this time. However, the funds are restricted. That means they can only be spent on exhibits.

Do I need to renew my membership in the Vertical Mile Society each year? No.

Are contributions to the Vertical Mile Society cumulative? Yes. You may climb from the canyons towards the skies with each successive gift to this fund.

I gave $1,000. Am I automatically a member of the Vertical Mile Society? No. Because this is a designated fund, you must tell us that you would like your gift to go towards the Vertical Mile Society.

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