Feeding Peanuts

This page gives details on feeding birds whole peanuts in the shell.

In the winter especially, there are some birds that really are attracted to the observation area when we put out whole peanuts in the shell. In the winter of 2017 – 2018, we had a large number of Steller’s Jays come around, and so we got into the habit of putting out peanuts.

In the summer, about the only wildlife that eats the peanuts are squirrels and chipmunks, so we just feed peanuts until the winter supply runs out.

Where you find peanuts: In the shed, in a plastic container on the shelving rack against the back wall.

What if the container is empty? If we have any more, they will be stored in a Rubbermaid container along the right-hand wall of the shed.

Extra peanuts are inside the Rubbermaid container.

And what if that is empty too? Tell Bob Walker that we are out and need some more.

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