Feeding with Mixed Seed

This gives details on feeding birds using mixed seed.

We use more mixed seed than any other kind of bird seed. It is a mixture of sunflower seeds, millet, corn, and maybe a few other small components. This seed mixture is used in the house feeder on top of the pole, in “hidden” feeder trays on the fence rails, spread by a handful on top of boulders, on the pavers outside the fence and is used in the cylindrical tube feeder at the front of the building.

Where do you find the seed? In the shed, in a plastic container on the shelving rack against the back wall.

What if the container (above) is empty? There is more mixed seed in a Rubbermaid container at the back wall of the shed. That container often sits on top of an even larger Rubbermaid container (which holds less frequently used seed bags, like thistle seed).

And what if that is empty too? Tell Bob Walker to go out and buy some more. We usually get a 40-pound bag of mixed seed about once every two to three weeks. It is sold at Pet Pangaea. They recognize Bob Walker and just put the seed on an open invoice when he goes in to get a new bag. If you can’t wait for Bob to do it, you can buy it yourself and keep a receipt so you can be reimbursed.


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