100 Households for PEEC

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Smith’s Community Rewards pays money to non-profits when shoppers register their rewards card with the program. Once you enroll, your purchases at Smith’s will automatically benefit PEEC! The program is free and does not interfere with earning fuel points or other Smith’s benefits. Every household registered connects more people to our precious environment. You can give back, every time you shop.

PEEC kicked off this goal with 52 households registered at Earth Day 2024, and as of May 6, 2024, there are now 120 cards enrolled! Thank you so much to everyone who registered! If you haven’t yet, you can still help PEEC (at no cost to you) by registering your Smith’s Rewards card!

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Learn more at the Smith’s Community Rewards program FAQ. Enroll your card by logging into your account at the Smiths website. For details, see instructions below, or download PDF with instructions.

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