Discover trails and outdoor places that are great for people of all physical abilities.

Knife Edge Trail at Gate 3

Venture past Gate 3 on Los Alamos National Lab property and onto the Knife Edge Trail. Terry Foxx takes us along to learn about the accessibility of this trail.

Powerline Point Trail

The Powerline Point Trail, on Los Alamos National Laboratory land, begins with a wide firebreak and ends above White Rock Canyon. Terry Foxx evaluates the accessibility of this trail for all hikers.

Alcove House Trail

Terry Foxx explores the trail to Alcove House in Bandelier National Monument, and reports on the accessibility of this area.

American Springs Road

American Springs Road is a heavily traveled road by all types of nature explorers. Terry Foxx reports on the accessibility of this area for those using a Rollator Walker.

Kinnikinnik Park

The beautiful, and close, Kinnikinnik Park holds many interesting aspects, but it might be lacking in accessibility. Terry Fox explores and offers her opinion.

So….which trails need improved accessibility?

Los Alamos and the surrounding area is full of beautiful trails. Terry Foxx has explored many of these using her Rollator Walker. But, some trails need accessibility improvements. Terry points out a few of these that we can improve for the future.

Historic Trail

Apache Springs Trail

Apache Springs is a partially accessible trail through a beautiful recovering burned forest. Read an assessment for accessibility of this trail.

Canada del Buey Trail

Terry Foxx explores the accessibility of the section of Canada del Buey Trail from Meadow Lane to Rover Blvd. in White Rock. This is a easily accessible trail with much to explore.

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