Featured Volunteer: Esta Lee Albright

Esta Lee, this month’s featured volunteer, is the woman behind the animal adoption program. The animal adoption program helps pay for fresh food, good lighting, clean bedding, and improvements to our animal habitats.  Our exhibit animals, gardens, and other wonders of nature are available to adopt for one year. Esta Lee’s work is important to the maintenance of our exhibits and we’re grateful for her help.  Read more Featured Volunteer: Esta Lee Albright

Featured Volunteer: Shelley Brown

Shelley Brown, this month’s featured volunteer, can be found feeding the birds in our wildlife observation area and docenting the front desk. She’s here every week and is approaching 300 hours of service. We hope you enjoy reading about Shelley.

S.B.: Picture: This is Reese, she is a nine year old border collie/heeler mix. We got her from the SF shelter when she was a year and a half. She loves Agility, Rally and Fenzi, but mostly fetch and catch with the tennis ball.

Read more Featured Volunteer: Shelley Brown