Nature News

There’s always something happening outdoors on the Pajarito Plateau!

Restoring Our Night Skies

We don’t know the stars as well as our ancestors did.

Knife Edge Trail

The Knife Edge is a narrow ridge of rock separating two branches of the Ancho Canyon drainage.

On Coyote Encounters

In PEEC’s last blog post on coyotes, I discussed the ways we’re inadvertently attracting these opportunistic omnivores through supplemental feeding.

Deer Trap Mesa Trail

One of the finger mesas extending east from the Pajarito Plateau, Deer Trap Mesa offers the most consistently scenic hikes on the plateau.

Butterfly Rites of Spring II: Desert Hilltoppers

After overwintering as pupae, several species of whites and orangetips eclose in early spring and immediately set about searching for mates on desert hilltops.

Neblina’s Trail

A short, shady trip up the Neblina’s Trail offers a quiet getaway close to town.

Tsankawi Loop Trail

If you are looking for a scenic trail with plenty of cultural resources and scenic vistas to enjoy, then check out the Tsankawi Loop Trail in the detached section of Bandelier National Monument.

Coyotes & Food

To different people and cultures, the coyote carries diverse significance. But outside of the meaning we give these animals, they have a natural purpose of their own.

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