Nature News

There’s always something happening outdoors on the Pajarito Plateau!

Alcove House Trail

Terry Foxx explores the trail to Alcove House in Bandelier National Monument, and reports on the accessibility of this area.

Annuals in Rendija Canyon

The large amount of rainfall this year has brought out the annual wildflowers, the most spectacular bloom can be found in lower Rendija Canyon.  

Checking in on Checkerspots

Where do you find some of the elusive butterflies? Is it luck or savvy? Maybe a mixture of both. Join Steve Cary and other lepidopterists as they cleverly search out our winged friends.

American Springs Road

American Springs Road is a heavily traveled road by all types of nature explorers. Terry Foxx reports on the accessibility of this area for those using a Rollator Walker.

Raindrops Are Falling On My Head

We are experiencing a massive monsoon season here on our mesas. Sue Watts considers the experience of journaling in these downpours.

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