Construction at the Nature Center

Our sidewalks are being repaired September 26 to October 2. In other words, don’t be surprised to see construction in front of the nature center during that time.
Here is how we expect to be impacted:
  • The entrance path will be rerouted for the duration of the construction.
  • Monday and Tuesday will likely be noisy. We hope to be open both Monday and Tuesday, but if the noise is too much, we may need to close. We will post an update if we need to close.
  • On Monday our Nature Playtimes program will still run with some modifications. Attendees will meet in the classroom and enjoy a walk in Kinnikinnick Park.
  • The accessible parking spaces at the front of the building will be blocked through Friday, September 30, possibly over the weekend as well. Call (505) 662-0460 if you want to visit and need accessible access.
Overall, the construction means it will be easier keep our sidewalks safe and clear over the winter.
Thank you for your patience.
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