Sustainable Holidays

This year, PEEC’s staff and volunteers put together some videos and tips to help you celebrate the holidays sustainably in honor of Los Alamos WinterFest. Check out the below videos to learn about going green with crafts, in your kitchen, with your dog, and more!

How do you plan to celebrate sustainably? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Tip #1: Alternative Wrapping Paper

Ashleigh Lusher shares some ideas for wrapping paper alternatives.

Tip #2: Reviving Vegetables

Katie from Zero Waste Los Alamos shares some tips on reviving vegetables!

Tip #3: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle With Your Dog

Rachel Landman from PEEC shares some tips on reducing, reusing, and recycling with your dog around the holidays — and beyond!

Tip #4: Saving Energy This Holiday Season

Elizabeth Watts shares some tips from PEEC and the Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities on saving energy this holiday season.

Tip #5: Turkey Broth

Cheryl Bell from the Los Alamos Zero Waste team shares how you can make turkey broth out of your holiday turkey!

Tip #6: Natural Ornaments

PEEC’s Ashleigh Lusher shares some instructions on how you can make simple, natural ornaments this year!

Tip #7: Reusing in the Kitchen

In our final tip, Katie from the Zero Waste Los Alamos team shared some tips on how to reuse items in your kitchen to reduce waste around the holidays.

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