Big Trees of Los Alamos County 2013

By Dorothy Hoard, July 2013

Measuring a big Douglas Fir.
Measuring a big Douglas Fir.

This is a sad list to compile. Beginning in 2005 an intrepid group of interested people located big trees in Los Alamos County, excluding Los Alamos National Laboratory lands. They found the biggest evergreens in Cañon de Valle and at Cañada Bonita. The Las Conchas Fire in 2011 killed most of those trees and many of the second and third runners up. This list seems a pale shadow of our previous champions, but they are our trees to love. Read more Big Trees of Los Alamos County 2013

Big Trees of Los Alamos County 2011

By Dorothy Hoard, June 2011

Below is a list of the largest trees as of early 2011. Most of these trees were lost in the Las Conchas fire of June 2011.

Name Circ. Height Location Finder
Aspen 73″ 97′ Cañada Bonita Y. Delamater
Boxelder 56″ 52′ Entrance of Bandelier D. Hoard
Cottonwood, Narrowleaf 121″ 100′ Los Alamos Canyon Y. Delamater
Cottonwood, Rio Grande 123″ 86′ Ashley Pond (planted) D. Hoard
Fir, Douglas 163″ 164′ Cañon de Valle R. Greiner
Fir, White 124″ 147′ Cañon de Valle D. Hoard
Hackberry, Netleaf 52″ 24′ River Trail, White Rock Canyon B. Shankland
Hawthorn, Cerro 5″ 12′ Upper Crossing C. Keller
Juniper, Alligator 59″ 24′ Burnt Mesa Game Pit D. Hoard
Juniper, One-seed 101″ 11′ Anniversary Trail east D. Hoard
Juniper, Rocky Mountain 56″ 15′ Frijoles Canyon N rim Y. Delamater
Oak, Gambel’s 46″ 60′ Los Alamos Canyon C. Keller
Pine, Limber 81″ 23′ Kinnikinnick Park C. Keller
Pine, Piñon 56″ 37′ Canyon Rim east Trailhead L. Aicher
Pine, Ponderosa 148″ 114′ Cañon de Valle R. Greiner
Pine, Southwestern White 170″ 150′ Cañon de Valle Y. Delamater
Spruce, Colorado Blue
Spruce, Englemann 131″ 101′ Cañada Bonita R. Greiner