Peak Swallowtail Flood Ark

Do you agree that being a lepidopterist is often about surprising yourself, or, rather letting nature surprise you? This could probably be said for any observer of nature. This month, we join our local lepidopterists in some unexpected moments from their autumn adventures.

Checking in on Checkerspots

Where do you find some of the elusive butterflies? Is it luck or savvy? Maybe a mixture of both. Join Steve Cary and other lepidopterists as they cleverly search out our winged friends.

June Rains Bring July Butterflies?

The Sierra Grande of New Mexico beckons and proves to be a challenging, but fruitful, journey for local lepidopterist Steve Cary. Sugarite Canyon brings together butterfly enthusiasts from across the southwest and beyond. Will they find what they are looking for?

Spring Butterflies: Last Rite

In spring, Monarchs from Mexico are working their way north and east into their milkweed breadbasket.

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