dark skies

A New Lighting Ordinance in Los Alamos!

At the Regular County Council meeting on December 13, 2022, the new Development Code, including the lighting ordinance, was passed unanimously by the Council.

Saving Our Dark Skies in Los Alamos

The dark skies we enjoy here are a benefit to tourism as well as to the well-being of wildlife, human health and calming the soul. Currently, there is an opportunity in Los Alamos to take action that will help to preserve and improve our dark skies.

Modern Light Bulb Labeling

Up until about 15 years ago, buying a light bulb used to be simple

Light Pollution, the Environment, and Us

Increases in artificial lighting and light pollution cost us our connection to the past and produce devastating effects on our own health and our environment.

Restoring Our Night Skies

We don’t know the stars as well as our ancestors did.

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