Virtual Field Trip: Spectacularly Spooky Animal Senses

This jumping spider has excellent vision and uses its eyes to hunt prey. (Photo by Beth Cortright)

Find out all about animal senses, and use your senses to explore your world, in this virtual field trip for young children. If you’re a teacher, please contact us at to let us know if you’re using this content in your classroom. Enhanced content may be available for teachers.

Click the links below for a spectacularly spooky animal senses adventure!

1) Watch this video:

Find out how skulls can give us clues to how animals use their senses in this video featuring PEEC Field Science Specialist Mariana Rivera Freeman.

Texto del video en español.

2) Outdoor activity: Animal Senses Scavenger Hunt (Versión en español)

3) Meet PEEC’s Spectacularly Spooky Critters: Meet some of the critters that call the Los Alamos Nature Center home! Watch the recording of our tour here.

Share your experience with us! Email us at to share your pictures and stories. You can rate our field trip using our evaluation form.

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