Butterflies at the Nature Center

Docent Rozelle Wright went to look for butterflies in Dorothy Hoard’s gardens after her Monday morning shift. She wasn’t disappointed. These are not rare butterflies, but they are  interesting because they were all seen in about half an hour. Our gardens are definitely attracting butterflies–see for yourself!

IMG_9373blackswallowtail-cropped  Black swallowtail

IMG_9379taxilesskipper Taxiles skipper

IMG_9391PaintedLDY-cropped IMG_9395PaintedLDY-cropped  Painted lady

2 thoughts on “Butterflies at the Nature Center”

  1. Rozelle! I am elated to see your beautiful pictures in Dorothy’s Garden. WE planted these plants only a couple of months ago in May first week. Please keep on looking and send us lovely pictures. Thank you very much.

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