New Mexico Butterflies

Steve Cary’s blog about butterflies of New Mexico.

Differentiating Two Metalmarks

Steven J. Cary takes us on a scientific journey of the analysis of the eye coloring and wing markings of two varieties of the metalmark butterfly; Apodemia mejicanus (Sonoran or Mexican Metalmark) and Apodemia duryi (Dury’s Metalmark).

New Mexico Butterfly Monitoring Network Update

Experts have been sounding the alarm about sweeping declines in insect populations globally. Researchers are rushing to better understand which species are in decline and mitigate losses.

2021 in New Mexico Butterflies

How do we mark our individual or collective progress toward a greater understanding of our various butterflies? Steve Cary explains.


Steve Cary recounts his recent visit to southeast Arizona, shares highlights of the fall butterfly season in New Mexico, and reflects on the life of Dale Zimmerman.

Summer in Passing

Steve Cary reflects on the end of summer and considers what might be expected of butterflies in cooler weather.

Our Chihuahuan Desert Jungle

Read about Steve Cary’s butterfly adventures in south-central New Mexico searching for sulphurs and other species.

Closing Loops

Learn about Steve Cary’s recent travels and the butterflies he saw along the way.

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