Featured Critter – Chorus Frogs

Chorus frogs are small, less than two inches in length. They are light tan, gray, brown, or even greenish with variable patterning, though, there are typically three dark stripes down the back. There are two species of chorus frogs present in New Mexico: the boreal Pseudacris maculata and the western Pseudacris triseriata. These two species are almost identical physically except that the boreal chorus frog has shorter legs. Both species feed on small insects and invertebrates such as flies, springtails, spiders, snails, and ants.

These are known for their loud calls and can be heard in areas with still or slow-moving water.  Take a look at the chorus frog Featured Critter Guide to find recordings of their calls which is the other way to distinguish a boreal from a western chorus frog. 

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