PEEC’s October 2021 Photo Contest

Submit your photos for our October photo contest by emailing them to October’s theme is “Spooky Critters.” Submissions for next month’s contest are due on Monday, September 27. We’d love to see your best shots of the spooky critters of Northern New Mexico, including spiders, owls, bats, corvids, and more!

Stop by the Los Alamos Nature Center to view the finalists and vote for the winner of our September contest. This month’s theme is “Forests.” Plan your visit here.

Our upcoming 2021 monthly themes will be:

September: Forests

October: Spooky Critters: Spiders, & Owls, & Bats — Oh My!

November: Astronomy

December: Winter Landscapes

If you submit photos for a future month in advance, please include the month in the subject line.

PEEC’s Monthly Photo Contest

Each month, the Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC) runs a photo contest at the Los Alamos County Nature Center. Normally, five photos are continuously displayed in the nature center, where visitors can view them and then vote for their favorite photo by putting money into one (or more) of five labeled canisters below the display. The canister with the largest amount of money wins the contest for that month. Due to COVID-19 and the nature center’s closure, the photo contest is being conducted virtually.

After the completion of the contest for the month of September, winners of the contests for the previous 12 months will be used to create a calendar for the next year (with the permission of the photographer). This calendar will be available for sale to the public at the Los Alamos Nature Center Gift Shop.

This contest is a modest fund-raising activity for PEEC. The funds raised by the photo voting process, and any profits realized through the eventual sale of calendars will be used to support PEEC’s yearly operations.

The Photo Submission Process

A call for photos is announced each month. There will be a theme announced for solicited photos (i.e., birds, mammals, scenery, clouds, etc.). Any images submitted should be photographed on the Pajarito Plateau. Wildlife species that live on the Pajarito Plateau but are photographed elsewhere may also be considered. Photographers wishing to have a photograph of their original work considered will make a digital version of the image available, in jpeg format, at a resolution of at least 1920 pixels in the longest dimension. The computer display on which the photos will be viewed is 1920 x 1080 pixels in dimension, so photos should be sized to best match the aspect ratio. However, PEEC can also use exceptional photos in the “portrait” orientation, they would just not take up the entire screen and may not be able to be printed in the calendar due to their orientation.

Photographers retain full copyright control over their images; by submitting an image for consideration, the copyright owner indicates his/her permission to allow PEEC to reproduce, distribute, display publicly, and/or modify the image on a royalty-free basis. Please remove any watermarks before submitting. The photographer waives any right to monetary compensation for the use of the image for the contest or (if a monthly contest winner) for use in the yearly calendar. PEEC will seek additional permissions from the photographer if any other uses are contemplated. Photographers whose images are included in the yearly calendar will receive two complimentary calendars and a bumper sticker.

If any identifiable persons are part of the photograph, the photographer must also provide to PEEC a release from that person to use his image in the contest/calendar.

Members of the PEEC staff will select five finalist images from those submitted each month, and those images will then be displayed in the Los Alamos Nature Center for popularity voting as described above.

Previous Winners

August 2021: Black Bears by Aditya Viswanathan
July 2021: Many-lined Skink by Nancy Ann Hibbs
June 2021: Tiger Swallowtail by Nancy Ann Hibbs
May 2021: Lazuli Bunting by Aditya Viswanathan
April 2021: Wildflowers by Keegan Tranquillo
March 2021: Cedar Waxwing by Pattie Freeman
February 2021: Church at Black Mesa by Ginny Bond
January 2021: Cassandra Trevino — Winter Wildlife (Greater Roadrunner)
December 2020: Anita Boshier — Winter in the Caldera
November 2020: Stephen Shankland — Bobcat Family
October 2020: Hari Viswanathan – Long-eared Owl
September 2020: Dean Decker — Alcove House
August 2020: Selvi Viswanathan — Mother Bear and Cubs
July 2020: Marc Bailey — Pleasing Fungus Beetles
June 2020: Marion Stelts — Valles Caldera National Preserve
May 2020: Hari Viswanathan — Bullock’s Oriole Pair
April 2020: Marc Bailey — Snow Shower East of Los Alamos
March 2020: Phil Noll — White Rock Canyon
February 2020: Rozelle Wright — Wild Love
January 2020: Bob Walker — Snowy White Rock Canyon
December 2019: Nancy Ann Hibbs — Reflections in Water
November 2019: Phillip Noll — Golden Aspens at Camp May
October 2019: Marc Bailey — Rainbow Over White Rock Canyon
September 2019: Marc Bailey — Tale of Two Tails
August 2019: Marion Stelts — Thunderclouds
July 2019: Selvi Viswanathan — Butterfly
June 2019: Jonathan Creel — Pollinator Party
May 2019: Nancy Ann Hibbs — Bird Feeding Frenzy
April 2019: Rick Wallace — Night Skies
March 2019: Bob Walker — Gray Fox
February 2019: Martha Katko — Mountains and Snow
January 2019: Jonathan Creel — Western Screech Owl
December 2018: Nancy Ann Hibbs — Winter Snow
November 2018: Hari Viswanathan — Cougar at Sunrise
October 2018: Blaire Bradley — Morning Laps
September 2018: Aditya Viswanathan — Purple Coneflower
August 2018: Ken Hanson — Black Bear in Cherry Tree
July 2018: Judy Magelssen — Splash from Diving Duck
June 2018: Bob Walker — American Avocet
May 2018: Marion Stelts — Frog
April 2018: Nancy Ann Hibbs — Sunrise
March 2018: Stan Kosiewicz — Family Portrait
February 2018: Fraser Goff
January 2018: Nancy Ann Hibbs
December 2017: Blaire Bradley
November 2017: Blaire Bradley
October 2017: James Gentry — Morning Rainbow
September 2017: Andy White — Rainbow and a half.
August 2017: Blaire Bradley — Common Green darners (Anax junius)
July 2017: Jonathan Creel — Collared Lizard
June 2017: Mouser Williams — Mexican Spotted Owl
May 2017: Martin Cooper — Tasty Tree
April 2017: Judith White — First Light
March 2017: Jonathan Creel — Hidden Ice
February 2017: Hari Viswanathan — Coyote
January 2017: Selvi Viswanathan — Juniper Titmouse
December 2016: Andrew Gordon — Enchanted Skies
November 2016: Elena Giorgi
October 2016: Rozelle Wright — Grasshopper
September 2016: Andrew Gordon — Dramatic Storm on the Main Hill Road
Winner_Bob_Calliope Hummingbird (Male) (2295)
August 2016: Bob Walker — Calliope Hummingbird (Male)
July 2016: Laura Leitner — Happy Hikers on Their First Passport Quest
June 2016: Mouser Williams — Prairie Chicken
May 2016: Sheyna Marcey — Cactus in Bloom
April 2016: Phillip Noll — Migrating Sandhill Cranes
March 2016: Martin Cooper — A Spring in Her Step
Andy_White_HDRx5 second light v-sunrise-nowatermark
February 2016: Andy White  — Winter Sunrise
January 2016: Mouser Williams  — Red-breasted Nuthatch
December 2015: Britton Donharl — Los Alamos Canyon
October 2015: Hari Viswanathan  — Mountain Lion (Puma concolor)
Sky Show
September 2015 Winner: Phillip Noll — Sky Show (sunset over White Rock Canyon)
August 2015 Winner: Selvi Viswanathan — Bobcat (Lynx rufus, Felis rufus)
July 2015 Winner: Phillip Noll
June 2015 Winner: Chick Keller
May 2015 Winner: Martin Cooper — Great Blue Heron
April 2015 Winner: Mouser Williams — Coyote
April 2015 Winner: Mouser Williams — Coyote

7 thoughts on “PEEC’s October 2021 Photo Contest”

  1. The article on the photo contest does not give an person and email address to send the pictures to. Also, is there a limit on the number of pictures that can be submitted?

  2. Marion,

    Thanks for your interest! You can email your submissions to There is no limit to how many photos you can submit, but only five are selected per month. I hope this helps and good luck! We love seeing all the photo submissions. It is usually very difficult to narrow them down to just five!

    1. Hi Christina,

      We usually put together the next month’s slideshow on the last week of the month, so it would be great if all submissions were in by then. For December submissions, that would mean emailing your photo(s) by around November 24.


      PEEC Staff

  3. The Photo topic for March is backyard animals/birds and your rules say the photos must be taken on the Pajarito plateau. But I live in Santa Fe, and that’s where my backyard is. Can I still submit photos?

    1. Hi Pattie,

      Yes, please still submit! We’ve been expanding out guidelines to include Northern New Mexico at large these past few months.

      Thanks for asking!

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