Congratulations, Sue Watts!

Congratulations to Sue Watts for receiving the 2016 Spirit of the West Award!

Sue Watts brought her passion for community and education to her work as a PEEC board member and volunteer.

“Now her wonderful work is a learning tool for all who visit the nature center,” Shankland said.

Sue leads weekly Gentle Walks, which emphasize discovery and enjoyment of nature. She lights up when she has the opportunity to enhance someone’s connection to nature, a trait we admire.

We are grateful to have her in our community.

Sue, thank you for all you do.

-PEEC staff

Photo by Judy Magelssen

2 thoughts on “Congratulations, Sue Watts!”

  1. Congratulations Sue! I saw this in our website only now as I was away in India.
    The timing you and Wally moved to Los Alamos is perfect for PEEC and a lot of credit goes to you for the exceptional exhibits we have at Nature Center is because of your love, passion for nature. Bravo! Sue!

  2. An award you well deserve! You and Wally have been such an addition to the Los Alamos community. I’m so happy to be counted as one of your many friends.

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