Virtual Field Trip: Geology

Geologist Fraser Goff points out a lava flow he’s about to investigate. (Photo by Siobhan Niklasson)

One of the perks of being a field geologist is that they often get to spend time outside! Follow along with a geologist as he spends a day mapping rocks in the Jemez Mountains, and then try your own hand at observing rocks and mapping soils.

Click the links below to take a virtual geology field trip!

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• First, watch this video:

Go out on the trail with PEEC educator Siobhan Niklasson and geologist Fraser Goff.

• Learn to read a geologic map using this tutorial:

Check your work using this key!

• Try observing rocks yourself using this template:

• Make a soil column and map your results using this template:

Share your experience with us! Email us at to share your pictures and stories. You can rate our field trip using our evaluation form.

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