Featured Volunteers: Fraser and Cathy Goff

Fraser and Cathy Goff are PEEC volunteers that lead geologic tours through the Valles Caldera. The Valles is one of three active calderas in the mainland United States and the hot magma is only three miles below your feet when standing in the Valle Grande. Fraser Goff, retired geologist for LANL and adjunct professor at UNM, has been working on the Preserve for many years and has authored numerous books and papers dealing with the geology of the caldera. With the help of his geologist wife, Cathy Goff (retired from US Geological Survey), he conducts fact-filled tours of the east and central parts of the Preserve and provides thought-provoking answers to the public’s curiosity about this wonderful landscape. We hope you enjoy learning more about volunteers, Fraser and Cathy Goff.

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Featured Volunteers: Ana and Olie Saenz

This past year PEEC piloted a new youth minor–mentor volunteer program. Ana (8) and Olie (5) were paired with some of our most experienced teen volunteers as a way to introduce volunteerism to the younger members of our community. 
Ana was the perfect candidate to headstart this program. For about six months during her kindergarten year, she started and ran a very informal nature-saving club at Chamisa elementary school. Every Monday at recess she would have meetings with other students to brainstorm ways to save nature. The main goals were to protect flowers and pick up trash around the playground. Her passion to help the environment was brought to the nature center and the minor–mentor program was born. Her younger brother Olie was keen to follow in her footsteps. We hope you enjoy reading about these two community members making a difference.

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Featured Volunteer: Terry Foxx

Terry Foxx

Teralene (Terry) Foxx is well-known around town as a fire specialist, author, storyteller, teacher, Living Treasure and volunteer. She has volunteered at PEEC for many years and in different capacities, most recently serving as the Board President for the past 19 months. In that role, Terry took PEEC from a mostly-volunteer organization, to hiring several part-time, paid staff members. She also oversaw the initiative to establish the Los Alamos County Nature Center, a public-private partnership between Los Alamos County and PEEC. For personal reasons, Terry has had to reluctantly step down as President. She handed over the reigns to Vice President Felicia Orth, who will serve as Interim President until the next PEEC Board election in October, while Bob Walker has been voted as Vice President. PEEC sat down with Terry to learn more about her full and fascinating career and how she landed at PEEC.

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