Wildflower of the Week by Chick Keller

This week’s flower, Heliomeris multiflora, is one of the many yellow composite flowers we see during our glorious fall season.  You may know this flower by the common name, Pieces of sun, a poetic translation of its botanical name.  It is also commonly known as Goldeneye, derived from flower’s color and shape. In addition to Heliomeris multiflora’s bright yellow, round composite flowers, the plant has pointed, narrow leaves, which often appear in pairs. 

Seen as a single plant, it may not live up to its ambitious name, but when an entire meadow is filled with “pieces of sun,” it is a brilliant sight. To see these flowers, follow Pajarito Trail to where is crosses Cabra Canyon, which is west of the rifle range. Enjoy!

heliomeris grandiflora photo 2

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