Canyon Rim Trail

TRAIL NAME: Canyon Rim Trail

LAND OWNER: County of Los Alamos

TRAIL CHARACTERISTICS AND ACCESSIBILITY: The Canyon Rim Trail begins at the point of a recently completed underpass along State Road 502 (East Road), currently across from the Los Alamos Cooperative Market. The underpass provides access to Entrada Drive and the buildings on the north side of 502. We walked the trail to the southwest starting at the underpass and ending at the PEEC Passport post marker (Passport to the Pajarito Plateau program); approximately 1/2 mile according to the StepsApp.

The trail is wide and has recently been repaved. It is used by a number of walkers and cyclists, and was easily accessible to the Rollator Walker. The AllTrails App designates this trail as wheelchair friendly. We saw a number of people on the trail with strollers, bikes, and even a walker.

Views are spectacular along the trail. We saw ravens soaring on the thermals of the canyon and could view a section of the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) across Los Alamos Canyon. We intend to walk the portion of the trail that begins across from East Park in Los Alamos at another time.

OTHER ASSESSMENTS: Dogs on leash, Wheelchair friendly, Kid friendly, Stroller friendly, Hiking, Nature trips, Walking, Bird watching, It was easily accessible to the Rollator Walker.


Trail sign at the beginning of the trail.

DATE OF ASSESSMENT: November 14, 2021



EVALUATORS: Terry Foxx and Charles (Jim) Fox

MOBILITY DEVICE USED (e.g. motorized or self-propelled wheelchair, rollator, rollator walker): Drive Medical RTL10266 Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker, Standard Height, 10 inch wheels, 23 inches wide at the base.

TRAIL SIGNAGE: At the start of the trail is a sign that explains the trail.

LOCATION:  The trail begins at the underpass along State Road 502 (East Road) across from Entrada Drive. There is parking at the beginning of the trail

OVERALL LENGTH: Approximately 1.5 miles according to signage.


ELEVATION: 7071 ft

PEEC Passport sign post.

HOW MUCH OF THE TRAIL WAS EVALUATED: The purpose of the trip was to check out the new underpass and the slope. After walking that portion of the trail we walked to where PEEC has a Passport post. It was approximately 1/2 mile including the underpass. We intend to walk the other half of the trail in the near future.

TRAIL WIDTH: The trail is at least 8 ft wide and paved.

TRAIL SURFACE: Smooth asphalt paving.

TRAIL SLOPE: Slopes were less than 3% going to the underpass.

The paved trail, wide enough for bikes and people to pass.
The underpass of State Road 502 to Entrada Drive.
The rock work along the underpass area and the restroom at the parking lot.


RESTROOM FACILITIES: There was one restroom at the beginning of the trail, but I did not check its accessibility.

GATE WIDTH: Not applicable.

STEPS: None.

BENCHES OR OTHER RESTING PLACES: There are benches along the area surveyed.

Bench along the trail.
Bridge with railings and observation points.

SHADE: Minimal shade.

RAILINGS: There is one bridge and there are railing on that bridge.

TRAFFIC LEVEL: Very busy trail. We encountered six different cyclists, many walkers, and one woman who was walking with a folded walker.

CONNECTING TRAILS: I believe in the future this trail should connect with the Pueblo Canyon Trail with more accessibility.

ECOSYSTEM: Pinon/juniper woodland with an under-story of chamisa, mountain mahogany, scrub oak, and various shrubs.

COMMENTS: I have walked this trail several times. One time was to test a folklore about the mountain mahogany shrub. It was said that the fruit, which is curled, would straighten in water, and as it dried it would drill itself into the ground.


The Canyon Rim Trail (
View of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains behind Santa Fe. The views of Los Alamos Canyon, LANSCE, and the Sierra de Los Valles (Jemez Mountains) are spectacular along this trail.


The vision of the Los Alamos Nature Center is that being in nature is for everybody: adults, children, able bodied individuals or people with disabilities. This blog is presented here so an individual can make decisions for themselves as to the appropriateness of an individual trail. The items reviewed are at the suggestion of the

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