Discover trails and outdoor places that are great for people of all physical abilities.

Sawyers Hill Trail

A place of history, this area has had many changes from the first ski area to a Girl Scout day camp, to the Santa Fe National Forest.
Have you been hoping to hike up Sawyers Hill Trail? Terry Foxx evaluates the accessibility of this trail for curious hikers.

Old Road Trail

Learn about the Old Road Trail and its accessibility features as Terry Foxx travels the trail using her Rollator Walker.

Kwage Mesa Utilities Road

Join Terry Foxx as she rates the accessibility of the Kwage Mesa utility road. This is one of the best trails she has explored and gives a sense of being out of the hustle and bustle.

Alamo Boundary Trail

Terry Foxx explores the Alamo Boundary Trail and describes the accessibility of this trail among the beautiful young aspens.

Canyon Rim Trail

Views along the Canyon Rim Trail are spectacular. A new underpass and surface repaving have made this trail more accessible to all outdoor adventurers.

Main Loop Trail

Enjoy a walk in the center of Bandelier National Monument.

State Route 4 Trail

Learn about the accessibility features of the trail along State Route 4 in White Rock.

Los Alamos Mesa Trail

Learn about the Los Alamos Mesa Trail and its accessibility features.

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